Creative Solutions For Business Disputes

Often, business litigation involves a breach of contract or a dispute over a partnership agreement. Template contracts that are not closely reviewed or modified often pose a problem down the road. Businesses may not appreciate the potential risks until they are served with a lawsuit.

The experienced team at the Duggan Law Corporation represents businesses and not-for-profit entities in many types of partnership and contract disputes. When an issue arises, contact us immediately at 916-550-5309.

Our lawyers have extensive business litigation experience and are known for taking cases to trial. Most matters, however, settle before trial and we look for the most pragmatic solution that will meet our clients' goals. We have resolved matters for clients in Sacramento and other Northern California communities.

Practical Small-Business Lawyers Resolving Partnership Disputes

We offer legal advice at the formation of a corporate, partnership or LLC organization, which may avoid future conflict. Yet partnership and shareholder issues can still develop over time.

Sometimes there is an event that sparks conflict. It could be a partial change in ownership through a purchase and sale agreement or the implementation of a new management structure. Passing a family business to the next generation also can lead to conflict.

Our attorneys listen carefully to understand company dynamics. We often are able to find creative, individualized solutions that avoid needless litigation. Sometimes relationships can be mended and issues addressed in a new partnership agreement. In other cases, we are prepared to litigate a case to protect the rights of our client.

We utilize results-oriented strategies to resolve contract disputes in the most timely and cost-effective manner. Please call us as soon as possible at 916-550-5309 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.