California Limits On Competition

Our economy depends on competition to lower prices and drive innovation — however, stealing a client list to start a rival firm provides an unfair advantage. Unfair business practices and trade secret litigation hinges on the validity of employment agreements and the individual facts of a case.

These types of cases are complicated and can quickly become costly. At the Duggan Law Corporation, our founding attorney has almost 20 years of business litigation experience. We have represented both individuals and companies in Sacramento and across Northern California. Our attorneys have successfully litigated unfair business practice cases through trial and appeals.

Types Of Employment Agreements

Our lawyers also prospectively advise business clients on employment law issues to avoid future litigation.

Confidentiality agreements with potential business partners or key employees can be used to protect trade secret/proprietary information. A nondisclosure agreement prohibits sharing important designs, ideas, concepts, records and other confidential information. We can explain which might be appropriate based on your company's needs.

A tailored employment agreement is more likely to be valid and enforceable down the road than a template agreement. We are also prepared to enforce employment agreements when necessary by seeking an injunction or filing a breach of contract lawsuit.

The Dedication And Determination To Obtain Your Goals

Our team of attorneys is tenacious and will fight to obtain the best possible outcome. In one case, we spent almost four years fighting allegations of unlawful misappropriation of client lists used as a scare tactic to discourage other employees from leaving and starting competitor firms.

Because each case is unique, we work closely with clients to fully understand their businesses before discussing suitable legal strategies. In fact, clients have commented on our level of preparation and attention to detail in resolving their cases.

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