Impartial And Confidential Workplace Investigations

How can businesses address sensitive employment issues — for example, a complaint of discrimination or an allegation of drug and alcohol abuse? An evaluation by a professional outside counsel can provide an impartial evaluation and inform a difficult employment decision.

The attorneys at the Duggan Law Corporation are experienced and know how to conduct discreet investigations of employee complaints. We prepare complete and comprehensive reports with the information and recommendations needed to solve the problem. The firm handles workplace investigations for employers throughout Northern California and Sacramento.

How Do We Conduct Investigations?

We use proven investigative tactics to gather all the facts. We will take a statement from the individual who filed the complaint. We may also be able to identify and take witness statements from other employees who knew about the alleged incident. Our skilled lawyers will analyze any relevant data such as offensive emails or performance reviews.

At the conclusion of the investigation, our attorneys will prepare a comprehensive report, including an analysis of the facts that support their conclusions. With an extensive background litigating employment law matters, our attorneys bring a nuanced perspective.

We are able to complete impartial investigations, because we are outside the organization and have no stake or interest in the outcome. A comprehensive report offers a tool to make a difficult, but informed decision.

Solutions For Complex And Sensitive Employment Matters

Dealing with a complaint as soon as possible is the best way to find a timely solution. Call us at 916-550-5309 or complete our online form to schedule a consultation.